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Saturday, September 21, 2013

* Homemade Microwave Popcorn

I love popcorn, but I don’t love the cost of pre packaged microwavable popcorn. Once up on a time I owned a hot air popper and I was thinking of getting another one. With a hot air popper I can control how much butter and salt is on it and with out all the preservatives. But, I have a small kitchen, where would I store it, and then I really didn’t want to pay for one.

I started wondering about microwaving it myself in a container; I tried a glass bowl, but it didn’t pop well and the bowl became very hot. So, I did what I often do when I have an idea or need a solution to a problem. I went online and did a Google search! And guess what I found, other people are making homemade microwavable popcorn successfully and blogging it! Yay! I spent a little time looking at a few ideas and then tried it myself. It’s so simple, a lot less expensive too, and I feel it gives me a little more control over what I put into my body via my food.

homemade microwaveable popcorn
So here’s how you do it. Use a brown paper lunch bag, place approximately ¼ cup of popcorn into it, fold the top down two times (you can tape it if it won’t stay closed but I didn't have a problem with that), and microwave on your popcorn setting. Yup, that’s all there is to it. If you want butter and salt, you can pour your popcorn in a bowl and drizzle with melted butter and sprinkle with it with salt; stir it well and you are set.
popped with butter

Or, you can add your butter and salt to the bag before you microwave it, but place your bag on a plate so that you don’t mess up the bottom of your microwave and then you will have something to hold onto when you remove the bag from the microwave. The bag will be very hot from the butter fat (and so will the plate); watch it as it pops because, as with store bought bags, it can catch fire if it stays in there too long.

I love popcorn this way, I love that it saves money, that I control what goes into my food, and I really love that I don’t need to use store bought microwaveable bags to have easy and convenient popcorn for movie night. You’ve got to try this one! 
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  1. OMG! What a great idea! I love it.

  2. I will try this! I grew very tired of the taste of microwave popcorn - probably loaded with some crazy chemicals! My little air popper is okay, but a paper bag is a lot easier!


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