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Friday, September 6, 2013

* When You Give a Girl a Needle…..

My daughter in law and I worked on a sewing project together a while back, and either she was holding back on me or she has some major talent. Let me show you what I mean.

First she made this blanket, stitched it herself all by hand. Then she learned to make hair bows for Rose. 

Of course a bow holder would be nice to show off all those bows. I understand someone will be receiving a personalized one of these for their birthday this weekend. :)

But, she also wanted a holder for the headbands too! And it doesn't stop there!

Now look what she has made with left over fabric from the blanket! She has friends who want these too. Let me tell you how she made this embellished baby wipes holder. It’s much easier than it looks, and makes a great gift.

First she cut a piece of fabric about an inch larger (all the way around) than the wipes holder cover for the top. Then she cut another one for the bottom. With a hot glue gun in one hand she covered the top of the holder a section at a time pressing the fabric into the glue, keeping it tight and smooth, making sure to leave that extra fabric around the edges.

When she had it all covered, the excess fabric was cut away leaving a little bit to just go over the edge of the holder top.  The fabric was hot glued down around the edges. She repeated the process on the bottom. Next the trim was added over the top, and then around the edges using the hot glue, pressing firmly and smoothing as she went. Embellish as much as you like with these; she chose a twisted fabric flower to decorate the top of this one.
When you give a girl a needle, she gains confidence, and makes the world a more beautiful place. Great job! What’s next?

Update: The zebra fabric that she used on this cover was thick and the line of the glue bead didn't show through. When a thin fabric was used, the glue made bumps that showed through the fabric. Try using a piece of batting under the fabric or another thick piece of solid color fabric under your decorative top fabric. Test it to see if the color or pattern of the bottom fabric shows through before you commit to it with the glue gun. I'm sure there is another type of glue out there that could be used that wouldn't leave a ridge, but I don't know what kind it would be.  Any ideas? Please let us know if you do. Thanks!

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