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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

* Make a Child Size Folding Table Easily

If you have kids around you need a table just their size for all kinds of reasons. But finding a good one at a good price is hard. Here’s one solution to try.
Why not purchase a plastic folding table, and cut the legs down to size? They fold up very flat and are very durable; kid tough! Clean up on these is a breeze. 
We used a four foot table like this. Notice the legs are straight. We needed to cut off nine inches to make the table the size we wanted, 20 inches high. 
To cut them, my husband first used a pipe cutter like this. Cheap at Home Depot.
He didn't get them exactly even so he then used a roto zip tool
with a grinder attachment like this to grind them even. Then he replaced the leg plugs; those plastic tips.
Or you could replace them with these rubber tips. If you find you still have a little wobble due to uneven leg length, use these rubber tips and put some paper or cardboard in the tip for the short leg.

I love my kid height table; it fits in the space between my fridge and the wall perfectly, ready to use at a moments notice. I will admit though; I think with nine grand kids I should have used the six foot table! I found used kids chairs on Craigs list.
If you try this, just make sure the legs are ones with a shape that can be cut. 
This round one would work great too.

I would love to hear about it if you use this idea!

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