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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Repurposing: My Hardworking Office/Class/Kids Craft Room, an Unexpected Tour

I was looking through some photos of Kids Club meetings and thought you might like to see a room I don't often photograph in. Let me tell you, other than my kitchen this room is a very hard working room! It is an addition to the house and the former owner who built it did not connect to the A/C duct work in there. There is an added A/C window unit but it doesn't really help and oh my gosh is it expensive to run!

We have 3 doors leading from this room into the main house so by leaving all those doors open we mostly get the cooling we need in the summer. Winter is not a problem at all because this room is on the south side of the house. So let me show you my hard working space. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easy Bibs from Drop Cloth & Scraps

With a 7 month old, one on the way and three 3 year olds that still use bibs; I needed new bibs. It's super easy enough to make bibs, and I always have lots of scraps to choose from. I could have even used an old sheet, dish towel or shirt. I noticed a drop cloth scrap and I  remembered seeing that someone had drawn stripes on drop cloth to make it look like toweling. I decided to try that out. I choose some quilt scrap prints for the other side.