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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

* Focusing on the Big Picture

It seems that the whole world is focused on money and ‘stuff’.  Making money, spending money, saving money, investing money, and all that money does for us.  We make a house payment, we pay for utilities, food and cars, insurance and the list goes on.  Then we buy clothing, household items, toys (an item intended for play time, adult and children’s); we entertain ourselves with money.
How much time do you spend making money, spending money, thinking about money and what you will do with the money you have or will get?  Or the money you won’t get? Hmm…….kind of sad isn’t it? What would we do if all that acquiring, spending and thinking about money stopped and we could spend time doing and thinking about other things?

We are a society lost in the middle of a money storm it seems; floundering around trying to find our way, and hold on to all that we can.  Please, take some time and reflect on your life as it is now and your life as you would like it to be. Can you for this little space of time remove the money aspect of life and see that big picture? What big picture? You know the one that shows the life you always thought you would be living, and I don’t mean the big house and big car. I’m not talking about things in the picture that money can buy.  I want you to get on track with that life; or back on track.
Let’s try to re-focus in the midst of all the ciaos around ‘money’ to re think our priorities.  Let’s make time for things that really matter in the end; at the end of our life. Focus on one area and make a plan on how to achieve your goal.  Then other areas, try to include all aspects of your life.  Do your goals all focus on attaining material possessions? Physical ones like working out, dieting, or getting a nose job;  getting the house painted, cleaning closets and garage? Then you are missing my point.

Set your sights on things that last, where moth and rust don’t destroy. Things that with your last breath you will know you lived your life to the fullest; you made a difference in your world.  What do you remember about last year? Do you remember all the stuff you bought and now it’s in the landfill? Or in the back of your closet forgotten, or stacked in your garage? Do you remember good times with your family and friends? A vacation or a life learning experience? You remember experiences, relationships, not the stuff you spent good money for that you spent your life earning that money for. Change your focus, look for things that last.

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