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Sunday, August 4, 2013

* Spring Time and Family Day

We celebrated spring on Family Day here at our house this last March.  The kids and grandkids gathered for fun and food and some life lesson teaching about sowing and reaping. Our day began with visiting and the kids playing. Then we all gathered together while Gramma explained the natural laws of reaping what you have sown.  I had many kinds of seeds for everyone to see and feel and try to guess what kind of seeds they were. I included some sprouting potatoes too.  Everyone thought that looked gross! 

Then we headed to the crafting area to paint small flower pots for each to take home with chosen seeds planted in them.  

While the paint dried on the pots we went out side to plant spring vegetables in an old horse trough, the right height for little ones and also to make it easier for Grammas and Pappas backs. I had prepared popsicle sticks ahead of time and pushed them into the soil.  On them I wrote what was to be planted in that space and how many seeds should be planted there.  I gave some instruction on planting depth too.

With the pots filled and the seeds planted we all headed inside for a potluck meal, we had a wonderful time together; it was a good teaching time for little ones, and a good reminder for us older ones. Sharing times like this helps us keep our family bonds strong and relationships growing.

As if on cue, we heard the ice cream truck coming right as we finished dinner and we  ran out to find him and enjoy some ice cream.

Days later a few of the veggies were sprouting; I sent pictures out to all kids and grandkids by e-mail or phone.  We posted pics on Face Book too.

At 10 days things are looking good out in the tiny garden.
 It’s now 3 weeks since the seeds were planted, look how the potatoes are sprouting. There is also watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, carrots, lettuce and onions.  A LOT for such a small space.  We'll see how is goes as it grows!
Family time should be fun time.  Then you can use it as teaching time, not ‘preaching’ time. Let’s grow strong fruitful families!
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