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Friday, August 2, 2013

* Family Harvest Day 2010

Hello all!

Thank you for coming to our Family Harvest Day and making it great! We hope you and yours enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you. Most of you made a scarecrow to show off in your yard and add some fun to the season. Next year we hope to make it better than ever and we would love to have input from all of you how we should do just that.

It was our desire to bring you a little of vintage nostalgia to the harvest season and keep in our memories the good things of times gone by. As most of you know, family, country, and the farm life are dear to my heart;  even if I do live in a big city! I want to share my love and experience of these things with you and your children.
My childhood was filled with family and friends sharing great food made from scratch, and maintaining and caring for a ranch life style complete with all things that go along with that.  We lived in wide open spaces and had lots of freedom to roam, explore, and learn things by experiencing them. Evenings were often spent by a fireplace with adults reminiscing about their childhoods and the good ole' days gone by.
Most children these days think that scarecrows are a part of Halloween decor.  They where used to frighten away birds (hopefully) that would eat the fields of grains that ripen in the fall. In days gone by, you planted in the spring, tended and weeded your plantings through the summer, and hopefully had a good harvest in the fall.  It was a joyful season, a good harvest meant you and yours would have enough to eat through a barren winter.

The food that was served at our Harvest Day was intended to give you a little glimpse into the good ole' days of my childhood. Foods that might have been served at a Harvest party back then or of my parents day. I have had some request for recipes and will try to post them soon for anyone who would like them.  

A big thank you to the Wilhelm's for use of their welcoming home with room enough for us all. Love to you all!
Papa John and Gramma Connie

* This post first appeared at Family Home & Life.

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