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Thursday, August 8, 2013

* Child’s Apron

Children’s aprons are very easy to make and you can have a lot of fun decorating them any way you like. Here is how I made an apron for my granddaughter. It fits about a size 3-4 very well but you can adjust size to your child easily.


This apron can be made reversible if you choose to, just use any fabric you like as the lining.

You need two pieces of fabric, one for apron front and one for a lining. (You can buy 2 ‘fat quarters’ at fabric stores, they are 18 by 18 inches) Cut each piece down to 16 ½ inches square. And a small square for a pocket that cordinates or matches.

At the top edge of your apron measure from outside edge in towards middle 5 inches on each side. Mark with a pin.  

On the top outside edge measure down 6 inches from the top along the side on each side and mark with a pin. You will then cut from the pin at the top edge to the side edge pin on the fabric in a straight line. Repeat on second fabric piece.

To make a pocket cut a square of fabric about 5-6 inches or any size you would like. Hem the top edge and press under a ¼ inch around the other 3 sides. Place  the pocket on the apron front on the right side of the fabric and pin it down. I lined my pocket top up with the point where the back ties are attached. Stitch pocket to apron front. If you are making it reversible, repeat with a pocket on the second piece of fabric.

I used a purchased binding as ties for my apron. I cut 2 pieces 18 inches long for the ties on the back, and 2 pieces 15 inches long for the ties around the neck. Place the ties about a1/2 inch in from the edge and stitch in place.

 I used tape to hold the ties in place during stitching but you can pin them if you like.

Place both apron front and lining right sides together with edges lined up, pin and stitch leaving an opening for turning at the bottom.  I reverse stitched over the ties to make them really secure.

Turn your apron right side out, press and then stitch around outside edges to finish and close the opening. I also stitched the binding edge closed.

And here it is, my model is a size 3 so there is room to grow.

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