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Thursday, August 8, 2013

* Getting Even

I was addicted (yes I really mean that) to Dr. Pepper for many years. Yes I admit it; and it had to be a fountain drink too. Well after many tries I kicked that habit a couple of years ago and now I can enjoy one on occasion without becoming addicted all over again. Yes, I’m very proud of myself.

Well this morning I decided I could use a Dr. Pepper, so I pulled into a near by fast food drive through. I was not familiar with the sizing of that particular fast food chain’s drinks. I wanted a 32 oz drink, so when it was my turn, I pulled up to the intercom and politely asked the very young sounding feminine voice if she could tell me how many ounces where in the medium drink they offered? After a hesitation the voice said “Excuse me?” I again repeated my question. Another hesitation. The voice came back, “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are asking.”
I rephrased my question, “I want to know how big, how many ounces are in your drinks. How many ounces, what size, is your medium drink?” Silence…..then slowly and carefully “It’s a me di um size drink.” “I know it’s a medium size drink, but not everyone sells the same size medium cup, I only wanted to know the ounces” I shot back! Silence again, and out of frustration on my part I said, “Just give me a medium Dr. Pepper.” She told me the price and I started fishing around in my purse for the correct change.  At my turn at the window she sweetly handed me my medium size Dr. Pepper (a 32oz one) as I handed her my money. Then she said, “Oh! just a minute” she reached into the cash register and handed me some change. “Senior citizen discount” she glowed with kindness as she looked me straight in the eyes. I smiled back through clenched teeth a moment while I decided if I would accept her ‘discount’. I don’t consider myself a senior yet.
She never broke eye contact with me, I decide to let it go and drove off. There are many ways to get even with someone, she sure got even with me didn’t she?

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