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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three Things

Every fall I make apple butter from store bought applesauce to give to my kids. They swear mine is the best they've ever tasted.You know it's not all that great but they like to butter me up and get free apple butter :) 

I don't have apple trees, they are not common here though you can grow them. Nor are there orchards close by (at least not close enough for me to spend gas money on) that I could go to to buy apples for applesauce and apple butter. But there was a really good sale on apples at Safeway and I decided to buy several pounds and try my hand at making apple sauce. It was a fun project but I don't think I will do it again without a way to speed up peeling the apples. Maybe get one of those nifty peeler corer gadgets. Really, though I love homemade from scratch, it wasn't worth the trouble and I didn't save any money over buying applesauce I don't think. I made apple sauce, then apple butter,  canned it and will pass it out at Christmas.

 I had a lot of scraps left over; the peels and the cores. Of course I had to try again to make vinegar. This time I filled up a gallon jar with scraps and still threw a lot in the compost. The bubbles started in a day or two so perhaps this time I will be successful. I will write a post about it if I am.

I have a new toy; a rag rug loom. I have begun a rug made from a couple of sheets torn into strips. I thought I would love the process and I do. It's fun and addictive! This type of weaving is call Twining. If you are interested in getting a loom of your own, here's a link where you can find one at Our Old Country Store.

And here is the third and last thing of my three things.....

These cutie pies!

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  1. You did save the best for last! Your apple butter sounds yummy but those little grands are the best!


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