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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kids Can Food Preparations, Kids Club Style

The kids summer vacation from school was 9-10 weeks. The first week or two we just chilled and did whatever we felt like at the moment.  Then I began Kids Club having weekly gatherings. The meetings consist mostly of teaching and learning the rest of the year so I wanted to focus on fun as well as learning for the summer.

One project we had each week was a special lunch prepared by one of the kids - each taking a turn. I would sit down with them one on one and look through Pinterest for a fun lunch that required assembly and no cooking. It would be kept a secret from the others, and at the right time that child and I would slip into the kitchen and put together the lunch they had picked.  Everyone was shooed out of the kitchen who dared to enter! The child chef would set the table and choose who sat where. We normally had 7-8 kids on these days.

Gosh the kids were proud of themselves! And I was too. As they are older I will start doing some cooking and baking with them. Since I have so many small kids around all the time I find I don’t have the patience needed to cook or bake with them AND clean up the messes made! As they mature I will be sure and pass on that necessary skill grandma style ;)

(this one is upside down, its a snail; peanut butter sandwich with the jelly in a spiral on top, banana body. Later we decided to add some chocolate sprinkles for 'dirt' to jazz it up a bit.)

Here are pics of our creations and a link to my Pinterest Board where most of them are from. The pics themselves are pretty explanatory. 

This last one is on its side.....a forwarded phone pic that refused to allow me to turn it right side up. It's an octopus on a bed of mac & cheese with gold fish swimming through. Mom made the mac & cheese.

Sadly I didn't remember to photo all of the lunches! It gets so crazy and busy that I forget. Well that is a small portion of what I have been up to this summer.

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  1. Those big smiles tell me that a fun time was had by all. Those foodie projects look nice and yummy too! Stopping by from Create It Thursday.

  2. Glad to see the Kids Club is going strong! Glad that Grandma is feeling better, too! Great lunch ideas.

  3. They did a great job! You should be proud of your little ladies!

  4. What a fun idea and great way to teach kids to love to cook! It's easy to see by the smiles that they loved it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Looks like they had a blast! :) What a great idea, Connie! :)


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