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Welcome all of you who already know me from Family Home & Life! And of course welcome to all of you who are just getting to know me! My name is Connie and I am the grand mother to 10 little ones. I provide child care for some of them four days a week and sit a couple of kids that are not my grand kids but cousins of my grands too. Life gets interesting when they all are here! I also work part time. And while I do have Fybromyalgia, Hashimoto disease and a host of food allergies, you will probably not hear me speak of those issues very often.  

I am a Christian, I love to sew and make things to use at home. I love to make gifts for the family and grand kids instead of buying something. I love to be frugal. I look for the fun in the challenges of making do with what I have. I love my family intensely and try my best to set the example and pull us all together. Easier said than done ;)  I am called to be the peace maker. I love watching my grand children grow and love that I can be so much a part of their lives though it takes a toll on me physically and uses all my extra time. 

Here at Hill House Homestead you will find a relaxed, practical and inexpensive style of living. I started blogging at FH&L and have loved it but felt that life has settled down and I really wanted to get back on the path I had started down before many difficult life changes knocked me off course several years ago. 

If life were what I imagined it would be at my age, I would be living on a mini farm happily enjoying my grand kids, sending them to gather eggs and helping me in the garden. But that didn't happen. I've learned to make do and use what I already have and I actually enjoy that.  So, I am going to make do with my life as it is right now, in the big city of Phoenix.


a dwelling with its land and buildings, occupied by the owner as a home 
any dwelling with its land and buildings where a family makes its home.


an act or instance of establishing a homestead.

That's what I am doing, establishing my home as I want to live right where I am right now. You see, I believe that Homesteading can be a state of mind not a place. You can homestead anywhere you live; even in a big city apartment in NY City if you have that homesteading mentality. I am getting back to my roots.....sort of..... and learning new ways to do and make things, some I have been practicing a while and others things are brand new. Homesteading is a way of thinking that has always been with me, I just have not embraced it fully until now. I am tired of waiting for someday....I am doing it now and using what I have! 

You will find lots of post here previously posted at Family Home and Life, and I will bring more over as time allows. Of course I will be post new ones as I go along.

I hope you will join me on my journey. Please follow along on the Social Medias of your choice below or by email. thanks for stopping by!

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