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Friday, April 25, 2014

Toddler Logic

I wrote this last October and forgot to post it then. I am posting it now as I want this blog to serve as a journal for my family as well as give you tutorials and such. I hope to be catching up with some pics of the kids and family times coming up soon.

It’s barely 9 am as I write this. I am wondering how I will get through the day with my sanity intact. The kids, 2 two yrs olds and a just turned 3 yr old, are about to do me in. These grand babies are some of the strongest willed most competitive individuals I have ever met. I am trying my best to instill in them a love for each other and good character traits like sharing and being nice.  

Most days lately, I go to bed feeling defeated, like a complete failure because I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with these ideas of mine.  I lie there wondering what I could have done better, what I will do the next day. And I pray for strength because I know I gonna need it! To add to the distress to the beginning of my new day, I have a broken toe. Yup, I am hobbling around in a boot trying not to take any more steps than absolutely necessary because it hurts!
This morning as usual, the kids are seeing who can out do the other, climbing higher, screaming louder, getting the favorite toy first, etc, etc. Breakfast went like this; “It’s breakfast time, come to the table.” They run break neck towards the table; a fight breaks out over who will wear what bib. It all ends when the bibs are finally thrown out of reach by the victorious toddler who made it to them first.  I sit bowls of oatmeal in front of silly grinning faces giggling at who knows what. 

Then one, looking at the oatmeal says, “ I want eggs!” “NO, I want eggs!” another screams seemingly insensed that the other could dare to say they wanted eggs. All three are screaming that they wanted eggs first. “No eggs!” I finally get in above it all. “Stop screaming, you need to behave at the table.”

The first “I want eggs” crier looks disappointedly at the oatmeal and I am sure is thinking of a new way to entertain/distract the other two and sure enough 'I want eggs first crier' is soon trying their best to play peek a boo with they others by looking under the table. They all join in and loud yelling and giggles begin again and then they argue over who can and who can not see who. 

I once again remind them to eat and talk nicely at the table. The meal continues like this until two are finished and the one has decided they are not hungry after all. I begin to clean up the least messy child and send them to the bathroom to further wash hands and face less my house end up smeared with oatmeal remnants. The first one runs off yelling I’m first!! The other two begin to cry to get down and go wash saying “No me first!”

I have wiped down and released the second child who runs off to the bathroom screaming me first all the way. Too late I realize I am in dangerous territory now because a very nasty fight can break out before I can reach the bathroom. I hesitate for a split second wondering if I should leave the last child at the table and go referee before someone is hurt or quickly get the last child down and then run hobble to the bathroom after all three saving my steps!

Before I decide the best option a moment of pure true beauty blesses my ears….from the bathroom I still hear one screaming “me first!”, but the second voice is saying lovingly….  “You want to go first? Ok, I will let you. Let me help you get the soap.” 

Aww! I live for these moments. Perhaps I am making a difference and perhaps somewhere in the crazy days of figuring out toddler logic I have in fact instilled at least one good thing in them. 

*Update: I thought I should let you know that 6 months later - now - things are so much better! While they still do have their scuffles they really enjoy each other and get along mostly well :) They still give me a run for my money though on a daily basis! 

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  1. I KNOW you will make a difference! I guess the behavior is to be expected. I've experienced it too. I try to remind myself that if kids came knowing everything and behaving perfectly they wouldn't be kids - they'd be born as adults. And I think we both know - lots of THOSE can't be trusted to behave either!

  2. So many months later is there any more peace in the house? Have all your teaching moments made more of a difference? I do think a lot of it depends on what is expected out of children. You expect them to behave -- and eventually they will! Glad you decided to publish this.


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