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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Gardening Efforts This Spring

First (partially) published at Family Home and Life. I have added to this post here.

Oh how I love gardening! No you wouldn't know that to look at my blog but really I do. It is therapy for me, and you get a nice pay off with vegetables and flowers. Before moving here 8 yrs ago I had a nice big veggie garden and I sure miss it. Here though, I have struggled to get the dirt right and still have yet to figure it out. Even my planters and pots don't do well here. It's all kinds of birds, rabbits, clay dirt, and left behind construction debris buried in the soil to the max. And to top it off, I have been well enough to do a good job or had the time with all my grand child duties. But still every year I make an effort, only my roses have rewarded my efforts.

This is my most successful bed this year. The basil, stevia, mum and lemon balm are  growing really slow though they look pretty good. The thyme has decided it's happy and is starting to take off. I have a mystery flowering plant that is starting to dye back. It appears in the late fall and flowers all winter. It has intensely yellow flowers and is really pretty. Most all the flowers are gone on it now and soon it will disappear till next fall. 

The cilantro is already bolting and going to seed. Too hot here already.
My asparagus jumped up and promised to do well then stopped sending up shoots after only a few. I have a volunteer beet and beans that are pretty happy. And finally my ginger has sent up a sprout.

This tomato lived through the winter and is producing some puny tomatoes.

In this horse trough I have Amish paste tomatoes coming up, a few scraggly onions and carrots.

My sage and oregano.

Garlic looks pretty good.

Black eyed peas and okra just starting up. I didn't know that peas don't like garlic until after I planted the seeds. I will not plant them close together next year. Kinda pathetic isn't it, even for the southwest. 

What is growing well is the pineapple weed.....I love those pom pom shaped flowers.

The queen anne's lace. 

Lantana always does well here. See my peach tree we planted last fall? There's about a dozen peaches on it. Let's see if I get them before the birds do.

Love the bougainvilleas. Always pretty.

Palo Verdes are blooming this time of year.

Even the litter is pretty I think :)

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  1. Certainly looks like you are going to have lots of good eats at your house!

  2. This looks so pretty!
    I would love to have a garden


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