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Monday, November 27, 2017

DIY Pizza Game

This post contains affiliate links.      I have slowed down making the kids gifts at Christmas time. There are so many of them and it takes a toll on me. Last year I purchased gifts but wanted to round out with a simple gift I hand made. The kids really loved the PB & J game I made so I used that as an inspiration and came up with this...the Pizza Game. It's super easy to make and inexpensive. It is easy to make several at one time too, checking off your gift giving list all at once.

The game consist of a playing board ( the board is not necessary for the game but nice to have), felt pieces of pizza 'parts' enough for up to 4 players, a spinner wheel, instructions and a pizza box to hold it all. I forgot to take photos until I was almost finished but I recreated some to show you how to make this.

Determine the size you want your Pizza game to be. I wanted mine to fit inside a small pizza box. I got my box from Pizza Hut; it's their personal pan pizza size but you can also buy some from Amazon. I found something round that would fix into the box, in my case a small plate, and used that as a template. I traced around the plate onto cardboard and cut it out.

I traced around the plate onto a piece of felt and cut the circle out of the felt just to the inside of my traced line.

 I got a disposable table cloth from Dollar Tree and used that to cover the top of the card board. I used the plate again for the size but this time I drew my circle about an inch beyond the edge of the plate.

Next I coated one side of the cardboard with basic white glue. Then I centered the cardboard piece glue side down onto the wrong/back side of the table cloth cut out.

I coated the backside of the cardboard with glue and began to fold the table cloth over the edge, working carefully to make sure the edge was as smooth as possible and that the table cloth would lay as flat as possible.

Now I added yet more glue and worked some under and around the folds of the tablecloth helping it to lay flat and smooth. 

Apply the round of felt pressing and smoothing as you go.

Next you will need felt; red for pizza sauce, green for peppers, white or yellow for cheese, and tan felt for crust and other colors for toppings you may want. Use the round template to cut out the crust, sauce, and cheese. Cut the cheese and sauce in to 4-6 equal pieces. Make shapes to represent toppings you want. I used a dark red to make roundish shapes for pepperoni and angled cuts to represent bell peppers from the green felt.

Here is what it looks like put together. 

Please notice the purchased board game spinner I have used here. The colors may influence how many toppings you choose to include in your game. You may be able to use a game board spinner you already have in another game but I want one specifically for the Pizza Game. I printed out instructions on to card stock to include with the game. My instructions for the game reads:

How to play Pizza Game:

Build a slice of Pizza. Place play board in the middle of players. Take turns spinning, one spin per turn, until you land on 'crust'. Next you will need 'sauce' so spin until you land on red. After that 'cheese'. From there 'toppings', pepperoni or peppers. Both toppings must be on the Pizza slice to win.

On the spinner wheel this color is:
Orange is crust.
Red is sauce.
Yellow is cheese.
Green is toppings, pepperoni or peppers.
Purple is free choice.
Blue means you must remove last item on your slice.

Through playing this game, we have found you can change up the rules anyway you want for variety. My kids that love this game the most are age 4-8.

The link for the game board spinner is below, it is an affiliate link from Amazon. 

To package, place cardboard round in box, put felt pieces in a ziplock bag. Add the instructions and the spinner.

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