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Friday, April 21, 2017

Know Any Chihuahua's?

Hello friends! It's way past time for me to be checking in. It has been a long time and I am still around. I have missed my time online but it was very necessary to be off line. I was having too many health issues and I just couldn't stretch myself any thinner. I would like to tell you everything that has happened in the last year plus but there's just too much to say. So what I will tell you is that I made it through....key word is through, and I am better and hope to stay that way. Auto immune diseases are just bad stuff!

All my g-babies are in school except 2 yr old , Buddy, Bubby or Bubba dub (some of his nick names), and 3 yr old Emmie Sue Sue. Yes those are nick names (they are silly but I give silly names to all my grand kids).  I have these 2 four days a week and pick up 3-4 other g-babies from school those days. I still have my hands full but I am just beginning to feel I have a little breathing room! 

You may have noticed that Family Home and Life has disappeared; well it is still there! I didn't check my blogs email for a few months, my domain name was not renewed because credit card on file was expired. They want a whole lot of money to renew so I'm not going to. I attempted to renew with a blogspot address but won't let me use my domain name Family Home and Life. It is now found at That's Family Life and Home. Also doesn't show up on search engines, but you can paste address into title bar and it works....I hope ;) I just couldn't let it go; too many hours and memories there! My banner is still the same, hope that's not too confusing and I hope I can work it out one day. Stop over and say hello so I know you can still find it ok? Thanks!

So I want to tell you a dog story and I will post some pics of the kids while I tell it ok?

Years ago, we had 3 dogs, a large Brittany Spaniel, a medium size mutt, and a Chihuahua. They had run of the house and our huge fenced back yard. One of their favorite past times would be to stand at the fence that faced the road in front of our house and watch for people, cars or other dogs going by so they could bark and do other dog things. 

The mailman most insulted our Chihuahua by brazenly walking up to our house to place mail in our box. Of course lots of barking ensued. The 2 bigger dogs soon learned the mailman meant no harm and barely paid any attention to him but that Chihuahua just couldn't let it go. She realized if she wanted the other 2 dogs to bark with her she really had to exaggerate the danger of that mailman. She would run to the fence fast as she could then run back and forth from the other dogs to the fence barking with all she had to get them to help her. 

Then she found that if she timed it just right she could get the big Brittany Spaniel to run to the fence along side her, and if she barked crazy and loud enough the Brittany would jump the fence and go after the mailman! The Brittany would soon lose interest though with out the Chihuahua by his side egging him on. 

Of course it was enough to scare the mailman, the result the Chihuahua was looking for. And there she would be, on the safe side of the fence, quiet and still now, since she had the 2 other big dogs doing the dirty work for her. She would quietly walk back to the house her business finished, and the Brittany would jump back over the low fence while getting yelled at by the mailman and me.

Sometimes I meet people just like that Chihuahua, in fact I have one in my life right now I'm dealing with. The trick is to remember when ever Chihuahua's start barking, be quiet and don't bark along with them! And for sure don't run with them toward the focus of their wrath. Hmmm. Know anyone like my Chihuahua? I bet you do!

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  1. Ah, it sounds like one of my daughters at the moment! I am not so upset by all the barking, but it got my husband barking back. That was not good! We have people praying and we have been listening to good advice.
    I'm sorry about your health issues. That's very brave of you to get your blog going again with having to change the name and all. I hope you continue to find it very fulfilling.
    You sound very blessed to be surrounded by grandkids. I married a South African and live in South Africa, and my mom gets to see her grandkids a couple of weeks every few years. She's coming over with my step-dad in December. We can hardly wait!
    Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Hi Connie, All the best with your health issues! Autoimmunue diseases are tricky, but from all the research I've done, the best way to address them is to find the root cause, not to take meds that don't address the issue and therefore create more autoimmune diseases. Functional Medicine practitioners are the way to go.....all the best!

  3. Hi Connie! I am delighted that you are back! How rewarding to have shepherded those grandchildren through their pre-school years in a place of safety, love, and creativity. I have often thought of you and missed you - one of my first followers and encouragers! I loved seeing this update on the kids and look forward to more! Bless you!

  4. Wow I am glad your feeling better to be able to get back online. I hope your taking great care of you. I enjoyed the pictures of the G babies. I enjoyed the story of your puppy babies too. That is seriously funny!

  5. Good advice! Thanks for sharing at To Grandmas House We Go!

  6. Loved the Chihuahua story! Yes, there are people that want us to do their dirty work. I say, "It's not happening"! :) Cute grands! I give mine silly names as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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