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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up & A Vow Renewal At Sunset

One of my plans here at HHH is to record some of what is going on in my world. It was one of things I enjoyed over at FHL back when so I can read through it all at the end of the year and review happenings.  I have a lot of catching up to do and I don't know where to start! 

Since my oldest son and his wife celebrated their anniversary last weekend, I think I will write about them. Here's a few things about them and a really funny story. 

My oldest and youngest grand daughters :)

This years family photos.

Camping trips are always fun.
I think this one, the Sasquatch sighting trip, is one of the funnest stories this year! The beginning of May my son and his friends families all go camping together. They have an amazing social circle that is very large (8-10 families on this trip), close and very fun! 3 camping trips ago, one of the kids asked about bears....would they see any? So the guys took the kids on a bear hunting hike. On the hike occasionally one of the dads would toss an unnoticed stone into the woods and the kids would all scream and giggle thinking maybe it was a bear.

The next camping trip they all went on, one of the dads had brought along some sort of call that would play recorded animal calls. They choose to put it on mountain lion and then hid the call at a previously determined location. Then they packed up the kids on quads (ATV's) and took them out mountain lion hunting. Again they did they usual stone tossing and so on. When they were close enough the dads activated the mountain lion call by remote and of course there was screaming and running back to the quads! 

Some of the kids of course don't believe any of this but can't quite figure out how they are being fooled. It was great fun and the stories have been told and retold by the kids and parents. So this last trip, They all pitched in and rented a Sasquatch outfit. They began the first nite of the 3 nite trip by running Sasquatch through camp and giving the kids just the tiniest of glimpses of him. The next day, the kids began to notice items missing in camp and then another glimpse of Sasquatch running by perhaps wearing the missing item and a chase would ensue with Sasquatch disappearing in the woods!

The last nite Sasquatch some how managed to be captured and proved to be quite friendly once you got to know him :) All the dads took turns in the costume and oh my, we will be telling this story for years to come! Such wonderful memories!

My beautiful daughter in law fixing her oldest girls hair. Look at my DIL's long hair, that's her real hair!

The ceremony was held on the roof of a building in downtown Phoenix. We were up 30 stories! The weather was perfect though the wind had blown right up to the time for it. The view was AMAZING! up there, the ceremony set for vows rite as the sun was going down! My son planned it all as a surprise for his wife. She was told to dress and wait in her room till someone came for her. She knew it was a vow renewal but had no idea of any other plans. What a surprise!

There was just enough cloud cover for a perfect sunset too! 

My best friend Kim, mother of my daughter in law. 

 And here I am with my husband, with rather wind blown hair because I was up there setting up before the ceremony started.

Our view, so wonderful! 

This last winter there was horse back riding almost every Sunday. The girls loved that of course! The horses name is Jigger's. That's 3 things!

Thanks for allowing me to share with you :)

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  1. I loved seeing your beautiful family and all of the good times you have together. The Sasquatch story is HILARIOUS! I'm looking forward to seeing all the great ideas you have for summer days ahead with your group!

  2. Wow! happy family! It's good to realize your partner that you have enjoyed a lot with each other and he is all what you need for entire life. I am planning vow renewal for my parents and will surprise them with the celebration.


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