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Friday, November 29, 2013

Nativity Set for the Kids

First Published at Family Home & Life, Dec 2012.

Every Christmas, I have a birthday party for Jesus in my home. We tell the Christmas story gathered around a birthday cake, sing Happy Birthday, and each child gets a candle to blow out on the cake. Since having grand kids, this celebration has become more special to us all.  As the kids have grown older, they have begun to join in with the story telling. This year I wanted to include the kids even more. I decided I would make a nativity for them to use in the story telling. Since there are a lot of cardboard tube "people" made out of empty toilet paper and paper towels rolls around Pinterest, I decided to try to make a nativity using empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls.

I began by trying to draw the figures on paper that would then fit around the empty rolls. Then I stopped myself because as I like to say, "why reinvent the wheel" and Googled to see if anyone else had a good nativity set template I could download. There are not that many and I almost decided to try my own again because I wasn't happy with what was out there. Then I found these and I love how it came out! There are still more pieces to make but I ran out of time before posting this.

I had the two older girls over to help me color and make the nativity; soon each one decided they also wanted to make a for themselves to have at home. So, I ran out of card board tubes but it didn't matter a lot, as the figures will stand up on their own. They could also be printed out onto card stock to make them sturdier. 

To make these yourself, go to this site and print out a set of templates; please say thank you to your host there for the template. Then color and cut them out. We taped them around the card board tubes. Simple as that, very kid friendly. I found that I could cut the tubes down smaller to get two or three figures out of each one.

And here are my helpers for the day. Cousins....they are silly girls! I love them that way :)

Nativity Set printables are here.

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  1. Connie, this is the sweetest thing! I am just now getting into talking about the nativity with my grandkids now that they are old enough. I think it's an important job of grandparents to affirm what is taught in the home. Your little granddaughters are adorable in their pink/black outfits!

  2. I remember this post and the wonderful picture of the girls in pink! Still so cute!


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